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Piedmont pgi hazelnut paste


Hazelnut paste 100% Piedmont pgi hazelnuts Hazelnut paste is a very fine grind (about 12 microns) of roasted hazelnuts. It is a very versatile and easy to use product. Hazelnut paste is made by simply very finely grinding toasted hazelnuts,…


From today,

the new 2023 Piedmont hazelnuts harvest,

is available on the Scoiattolo Rosso farm

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Biological fight against Asian bed bugs with useful insects

The biological fight against beneficial insects consists in inserting a natural antagonist to the harmful insect. In this case we are going to insert the anastatus in the hazelnut groves of the Scoiattolo Rosso farm, with the aim of preying on the eggs of the bug, so that it cannot reproduce and cause damage to the culture. This is a natural method that does not cause damage to man and the environment as a replacement for the more toxic and harmful insecticides of industrial chemical origin.


Dark wildflower honey supers extraction

At the end of April in the Scoiattolo Rosso beekeeping, we go to see if our bees have produced spring honey, that is, that dark millefiori honey composed of a set of spring nectars such as cherry, dandelion and thorny herb flowers of the period.

As you can see from the video, I’m going to open the supers to check the status of the family and the amount of honey inside.

Each family, depending on the degree of development and growth, will have imported a different quantity of honey, therefore for some the entire super will be replaced and for others only a few frames of the super will be replaced.

Waiting for the acacia honey harvest at the beginning of May, weather permitting.

Christmas is coming

natale scoiattolo rosso

It’s already time to think about CHRISTMAS GIFTS!

Impress your family, friends or employees with the perfect gift to show your appreciation and affection.

Each box or bag is customizable in content: you can give a taste of PGI Hazelnuts from Piedmont, Hazelnut Cream or our honeys including Acacia Honey, Chestnut Honey or Millefiori Honey

See also our Carru’ box with the typical products of our territory.

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Carru' box - Typical Piedmont products

Carru’ box – Typical Piedmont products

Swarm of bees in Scoiattolo Rosso beekeeping.

In spring the bees reproduce naturally thanks to swarming.
Creating a new family of bees with a new queen who remains inside the hive and the old queen who with a part of bees leaves the hive in search of a new home.

Carru’ box | Tasting pack of typical Piedmont products

Carru box typical Piedmont products

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Flowering hazel and pollination

hazel male flowers

Male and female flowers of hazel

In the middle of winter between January and February, our hazelnut plants never stand still, but produce elongated male flowers that emit yellow pollen and tiny purple female flowers.

The hazel is a monoecious plant (with male and female flowers) pollinates itself thanks to the wind (anemophilous pollination) which transports the pollen from one flower to another without the need for insects, which are not very active in this period.

The bees, however, on beautiful sunny days take advantage of it to collect pollen, a scarce food, if not even non-existent at this time of the year, which provides them with a very important food for survival and to restart with the breeding of the brood.

forager bee on hazel flower

Forager bee on hazel flower

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Dark spreadable chocolate with 50% Piedmont hazelnuts glass of 250 gr.

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dark chocolate spread cream with Piedmontese hazelnuts italianhazelnut farm


For those with a sweet tooth, Scoiattolo Rosso italian hazelnuts offers the pgi Piedmont hazelnut spreadable chocolate in a convenient package from 600g to 9.9 €!


crema cioccolato spalmabile 500g scoiattolo rosso vendita online nocciole

Piedmont PGI hazelnut harvest

in Scoiattolo Rosso farm