Our company Scoiattolo Rosso farm

In the Scoiattolo Rosso farm we have corporate values ​​that we carry forward with courage and passion.

The promotion of the territory, thanks to the cultivation of the Piedmont P.G.I.hazelnuts and beekeeping to produce our natural Italian chestnut, acacia and wildflower honey.

The sustainability that we embrace with processing methods also recognized by organic farming.

Biological diversity or biodiversity (variety of living organisms in their different forms, and in their respective ecosystems) is an essential condition that we protect in our fields and in the apiary.

Our company wants to protect the most possible the environment that surround us and gives life.

Scoiattolo Rosso approched at the world of bees for love towards this vulnerable insect and excellent indicator of environmental health.

Our corporate values




Scoiattolo Rosso and environmental protection

Starting from the care for the plant and the hazel soil, we strictly limit the use of herbicides, which are very harmful to the environment and to man: they enter the water cycle and, if nebulised, they have long-term effects and can remain in the growing environment for a long time.

The treatments carried out are mostly copper and sulfur approved also under biological conditions.
Pest control is carried out by monitoring the number and biological phase of the parasite so that it can intervene in a targeted manner and only when it is really necessary to avoid environmental waste.

The packaging we use for the fresh hazelnuts in shell is made of natural jute fibre, in line with our company green philosophy.

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We have obtained the certification as a farm with organic processing.

Every day we take care of hazelnut cultivation and beekeeping.

Controlled operator scoiattolorosso n. 2637

Control body authorized by MIPAAF IT BIO 019

European organic certification