Beekeeping Scoiattolo Rosso!

Scoiattolo Rosso farm is dedicated to beekeeping, in addition to the cultivation of Piedmont P.G.I. hazelnuts:it all started in 2015, thanks to the curiosity and love for this fantastic insects that is the bees.

At the beginning production was scarce and dedicated to family consumption,then, gaining some experience in looking after this insect, we were able to increase the quantities of honey,always respecting our bees families.

Now you can find it and buy online.

Our types of honey are mainly three: multiflowers , acacia (or robinia) and chestnut.

Swarming bees

Swarming is the way in which bee families reproduce (considered as a superorganism as individuals are not able to survive on their own).

Swarming occurs only when the family is thriving and is able to withstand the tough tests of reconstruction, as it can take away up to three-quarters of the total population.

The exodus does not happen suddenly, the hive that is preparing to swarm presents an unusual movement in front of the entrance to the hive.

A few days earlier, the queen moves agitated emitting a particular sound and the bees that follow her also emit a hum that echoes the royal hymn.