Scoiattolo Rosso is an italian farm, on the hills of Langa,

that grows and sells online the ” Piedmont PGI hazelnut”

product universally known as the best in the world in its category.

The company was founded in 2012 following a generational management change, which led to a modern marketing approach based on the “short chain” philosophy. This offers buyers the opportunity to buy hazelnuts online an healthy product, with no additional distribution costs.
The solid family-run production experience, result of the work of several generations, ensures the quality of the fruit, as the expression of local food heritage food, attentive to genuine tastes.

Buy Piedmont PGI hazelnut and theirs processing, direcly from Scoiattolo Rosso italian farm!

Scoiattolo Rosso italian hazelnuts,  wants to take care of the environment that surrounds us and gives life, with the reduction of pesticides and co2.

The heating of the work rooms and the drying of the hazelnuts takes place with the use of hazelnut shells,  which are a renewable source of green energy.


In recent years, Scoiattolo Rosso farm has begun to devote itself to beekeeping, thus offering our customers, in addition to hazelnuts, a small production of Italian Piedmont honey.

The welfare of bees is put first to ensure that these wonderful animals, already hampered by climate change and aggressive agricultural work, can grow healthy and strong inside the hive.

Our apiaries are located in the nearby mountains in order to obtain different nectar collections and, consequently, seasonal acacia, multyflowers and chestnut honeys.